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Portfolio for T.Jay Hanschen

Portfolio For T.Jay (Rocket) Hanschen

Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio, should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at - and my resume is available here.

Listed below are an example of several projects, all public facing, that I have collaborated on or created on my own.


Sparkle Monkey is a simple concert finder utilizing the Google Maps API, in conjuncture with the TicketMaster API, to easily display the local concerts - as defined by city and date - onto the full page map for easy display.

The goal of the design of Sparkle Monkey, was to create a full, mobile-first application, utilizing modern day tools like jQuery, Handlebars and Page.js, and deployment via Heroku, to achieve this design.

Working with a team of other developers, my main source of focus was on the development of the front-end display, to include map styling, original artwork and layout, as well as add the functionality of the calendar to the TicketMaster API and developing the spider-effect on multiple listings on a single resource. I also ensured basic accessibility features for the hard-of-sight by ensuring several map displays (For those with Color-Blindness) and also complete functionality with text readers including Chrome Vox and others.

For more insight to the project, please find the Github repository for Sparkle Monkey: here or use the link above to go to

Languages, Services and Libraries used:

Kilovolt Blog - A blog template

The Kilovolt Blog is a template of a standard blog to be hosted on sites like Wordpress and Heroku.

The goal of the design was to create an application to host a blog using modern tools and libraries to create a reactive applictaion, where you can create, read, update and destroy (CRUD) a collection of blog posts, all stored in a Postgres database.

This was a guided development, with basic front-end architecture and mobile-first design, to create a fully functional blog for view online.

For more insight to the project, please find the Github repository for Kilovolt: here or use the link above to go to

Languages, Services and Libraries used:


Nosey-Neighbor was developed as a RESTful API, for the ability to create, read, update and destroy incidents and residents in a neighborhood. The end goal being to create a database of users/neighbors, for members of a neighborhood watch, home owners association or other neighborhood council, and assist with tracking incidents and emergencies throughout the defined area.

The design of Nosey-Neighbor is structured on a Model View Controller(MVC) architecture pattern, which was created in a Test-Driven Development Cycle, was to create a robust back-end, that in a future release will contain a Bootstrap front-end (Currently in development), where users can create an account, add a profile, and report/comment on incidents around their neighborhood. All the individual resources have dedicated router and controller files, utilizing 5 unique Models, to create new resource objects in memory.

Though currently without a front end - files can observed and utilizing interface software such as Postman, can be used to test the stability of the build, as it maintains over a 93% coverage of code in it’s current state. The last 7% includes try/catch blocks and similar in the testing of the application.

For more insight to the project, please find the Github repository for Nosey-Neighbor: here. Robust logs of deployment via Heroku, and Travis CI are amintained there, as well as all source code for review.

Languages, Services and Libraries used: